How to find a business mentor in UK

How to find a business mentor in UK

16 Jan 2020

Business Mentor Cheshire

Is Hiring a Professional Sales Expert or Business Mentor - Is Really Affordable?

If you're a startup company or a struggling SMB, hiring a sales expert or business mentor may seem like an unnecessary expenditure or a service you simply can't afford. But think of the old adage, you reap what you sow, and you'll come to see not the cost but the cost-effectiveness of hiring a mentor.

Having a business mentor or coach on-hand is a worthwhile investment for any size business. It not only provides immediate and short-term solutions but also has lasting benefits for the longevity of your company.

How much does it cost to hire a sales expert or business mentor?
This mainly depends on the specific services you require. My services are affordably priced and designed to deliver results. I start with a FREE 20-minute telephone consultation, during which we'll discuss what you want to achieve and I'll outline how I can help. I'll give you a fixed price quote; that means the price I quote is the price you'll pay.

If you're happy to hire me, you then have a range of options:

Phone/Skype Consultations
These are beneficial if you're on a tight budget or have a one-off requirement. Prices start at £95 for a 1-hour phone or Skype call. These can be arranged by calling me directly or by emailing me.

Face-to-Face Meetings
These really help me get to know you, what you do, your goals and your expectations. You'll be given a full proposal and quote based on your requirements and where we meet. Prices start at £295 - get in touch to find out more.

Startup Mentor

Bespoke Projects and Sales Training
Price is on request for this service, either charged at a day rate or fully bespoke. Call or email me to discuss!

So the bottom line is that yes: hiring a professional sales expert is affordable. It's also incredibly valuable for you and your business.

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For those seeking business help and support, Kieran Perry is an excellent choice with business coaching and sales training sessions available in person, via the phone and online. Follow him on Instagram to learn more about his services.

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