28 Successful Small Business Start Up Ideas

28 Successful Small Business Start Up Ideas

03 Nov 2019

New Startup Business Ideas

Any new business you start up, buy or invest in should always have a clear way of reaching it's potential customers via its own Website, Facebook page, Instagram account or listing on Ebay or Amazon if relevant . If you’re buying a business, ensure it has some customers and trading history already to ensure the product, service, website and payment system work.

Below is a list of business ideas and services you could start to earn extra income in 2019, maybe working  from Home.

Work From Home Businesses

1. Start a household cleaning business

The lower your outlay, the faster you turn a profit and that’s one of the big attractions of launching a domestic cleaning business.

2. Start your own dog walking business
A dog walking and pet sitting service can also be set up with minimal investment. With a Facebook page and a few ads in shop windows and word of mouth you can get going quickly. From dog-walking through beautiful locations to premium pet care businesses, there's a gap in the market for entrepreneurs who can meet owners' high standards. Think childcare for pets!

3. Train to become a home hairdresser or barber
Many hairdressers dream of starting their own businesses but are deterred by the cost of renting a salon. Setting up a home visit service can be an ideal way forward.

4. Buy and sell domains
Spotting a big domain and snapping it up for a small price can be the route to big money. You can even put watches on domains, so you get alerted when they’re about to go back on the market. Check out www.namecheap.com to buy and sell plus eBay. This can be risky and no guarantees.

5. Get paid to take surveys
Earn as high as £35 for completing a survey.

6. Event DJ 
Partner with venues, events companies, wedding planners etc to provide DJ services.

Start-up Business Advice 

7. Buy an Existing Online low value business
Search eBay and other sites for terms like “business for sale” or “online business for sale”


How To Setup A Handy Man Business

8. Start a window cleaning business
If you have a car with a roof rack you can start a window cleaning business for a few hundred pounds (bucket, ladder, clothes, etc). Just have to advertise on Facebook

Similar as above
9. Set Up a domestic painting and decorating business
Easy to set up and advertise – very low set up costs and loads of work.


Professional Services New Business Ideas

10. Set up your own photography business
Photography is another skills-based business. Go to almost any event – from music gigs to vintage car rallies and weddings and you’ll find photographers hard at work. Starting from scratch would mean buying pro-quality cameras and some lenses (digital SLR preferable) (£100-£1,000), tripods and lights.

11. Social media management (One of the Best start-up business idea)
If you have an authority over social media, then this one is one of the best start-up business ideas for you to follow. Today, companies are well aware of the power of digital marketing for their business. They know that to reach out to their target audience, social media management is the prime necessity for the company.
You can become a social media consultant to the companies / friends / family who are in need of their companies’ promotion.

12. Become personal trainer
Personal trainer can easily earn £50/hour. If you’re a certified trainer, then go to your local gym and ask if you can use it. You don’t need your own place or your own equipment; you just pay a gym a fee to let you use their venue. Your audience is in that building, couldn’t be simpler.

13. Start a fitness program
Run fitness courses or football training. Things like military fitness at the local park are really taking off, you charge a set fee for an X week program and away you go. Market in local gyms, online and via flyering/posters in the local area.

14. Smartphone & phone screen repairs
Super high-demand, offer 24-hour turnaround repair? Same-day shipping?
It’s getting crowded, but you could offer services in your local area

15. Errand service
Today we find lot of working people don’t even have time for simplest of errands, such as picking up kids after school, buying medicine, gift or household things. Easy service to advertise on social media platforms.

16. Get paid to deliver cars.

17. Sell a skill on People Per Hour


On Trend Business Ideas

18. eBike Sales, Service and Rentals

Given the health and environmental benefits, it's no wonder that bicycling has become the second most popular outdoor activity

19. Become a self-employed Delivery Driver for Amazon

20. Start Senior Care Services / and or Products
Senior care services continue to rank as one of the best business opportunities. Demographics play a big role. The first baby boomers hit age 65 in 2011. The entire baby boomer generation will have will have reached age 65 by 2030.

21. Car boot sales
Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Buy and sell at car boot sales; some people make so much money from this that it’s a full-time job. (buy low value items to sell at a higher value consider going to your local wholesalers to see what deals they have)

22. Chauffeur
Get to drive an awesome car and get paid to do it. Register as a driver for UberLux. https://www.uber.com/a/join-new/gb?exp=70801c

23. Drone Services / Drone Rental / or Drome Instructor
Drone rentals are one space to consider a new business. Companies like Blue Skies (18) are making a killing renting drones under the same model as the old Netflix—rent it online, mail it back. Shipping’s free. Or offer a service to fly a drone for promotional work, or private work taking high quality photos.

24. Healthy vending machines
Google “healthy vending machines” and you get a bunch of ads.
That’s a good sign.
The biggest reason? Corporations want their employees to eat healthier.
The industry is a whopping $42 billion, and for about $30K to $225K, you can become the operator of a healthy vending machine franchise (11).
The industry has strong social and political backing and is primed only to grow. Plus, the income is almost entirely passive.

25. Flyering agency
Companies always need people to flyer in public places or via private home letterbox boxes. A lot of professional flyering companies charge massive amounts for a simple task, undercut them and you’ll win lots of business.

26. Graphics Designing
Nowadays, there is a great demand for professional graphics designers worldwide. It’s basically a skillset to digitally craft your art using various application software’s.
The most popular graphics designing and editing software tools that must be learned in order to become a professional graphics designer are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, Maya or Sketch.
If you possess these skillsets, then why sit blankly at home? Sign up on Upwork, Fiver or find an online work via visiting different social media groups and pages on Facebook.
However, if you don’t have this skill set you can most probably enrol in graphic design courses on Coursera or Udemy and practice the same lesson on a daily basis.

27. 3D Printing
The rapid advancement in technology-based business start-ups is quite emerging, and in the future, it’ll progress still further, one such technology that has revolutionized the technology businesses in the present era is 3D Printing.
It’s has emerged as a major technical trend in 2019, and most of the businesses are already utilizing this product to have an edge over relevant competitors.

28. Become an Agent for a company and their sell products / services and earn a commission.


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