Why You Need to Visit Your Cusomers More

Why You Need to Visit Your Cusomers More

23 Aug 2019

Why You Need To Visit Your Customers More

Visiting customers may feel like a time-consuming task that you're far too busy for. Perhaps it even strikes fear into your heart if you're not comfortable with networking!

But it's a vital part of business operations and well worth investing time in.

But my customers know me already!
They may know your signature email sign-off or maybe even your telephone voice - but they'd probably like to put a face to them! When it comes to business, people want to interact with people; it reassures them that you're human and you genuinely care about their needs and providing a solution.

If they're already my customers, isn't a visit a waste of time?
Visiting existing customers is a sure-fire way to nurture strong relationships and build brand loyalty. Basically, it keeps your company in the customer's conscious when competitors come a-calling! When your customer has a particular need, it will be your company's name that stands out in the noise of a crowded business sector.

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A visit also demonstrates that you value your customer's business.

You'll protect and grow your customer base and can upsell your services in a more impactful way than an easily-deleted marketing email.

What if the customer has had a negative experience with my product or service?

Then a visit in person - on your customer's turf - will help avoid a potential dispute by showing you're willing to listen to constructive criticism and then improve.

On the flip side, your customer may love your product or service! Seeing a customer using or implementing your product or service is a great motivator, especially if you're a startup company. You'll learn first-hand what works and what doesn't - and that's far more engaging than reading data on a spreadsheet.

I'm convinced. But how do I prepare??
Gather your team and ensure you all have a clear understanding of the visit's objectives. This not only demonstrates your professionalism, transparency, leadership qualities and organisational skills, but also shows that your whole team is on the same page with the same goals. This creates trust, which leads to lasting business relationships.

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