Problems in your Business ? Need a Business Mentor in Manchester, Merseyside, Derby, Staffordshire, Birmingham or The Midlands

Problems in your Business ? Need a Business Mentor in Manchester, Merseyside, Derby, Staffordshire, Birmingham or The Midlands

21 Jan 2019

How To Solve Sales Problems

which is part of my Sales Fix Formula.


Identify the Problem. 
Work out quickly what you think the issue is and the likely impact of the situation is going to be, and how it is going to effect you and the customer.

Distinguish the Real Causes of the Problem.
Many issues that affect sales or business management can actually be part of a bigger problem that has yet to be resolved and so will need addressing

Define the Problem.
By communicating efficiently with staff or customers, and asking the right questions, you can drill down to the reasons behind the problem and understand the each other expectations.

Qualify The Problem.
Make the decision on where the responsibility for the problem lies and take appropriate action.


Above are just 4 points from my 9 step process.

Speed is a very important factor in reducing the impact of a problem . Speed is indispensable to problem solving.


By consistently taking a systematic approach to problem solving sales issues (this includes staff management and training), it greatly limits any further negative impact on the customer or business, and thus enables the customer to place repeat business with confidence knowing that should issues arise, as they no doubt will, they will be dealt with appropriately , and from a customer focused point of view.

It is important for individuals to understand that effective problem solving often consumes more time than most people are willing to invest. Rather than go about it properly, many just want to react and deal with the problem quickly. However, the time invested to thoroughly investigate and solve a problem more often than not produces a more successful solution—and happier salespeople, office based staff and customers.

As an experienced Business Growth Consultant

Sales Mentor and Product Sales Expert I am passionate about assisting individuals and businesses in growing their revenue, their customer base and raising their profile and gaining increased sales. So if you are starting out or have been in business for a while, I can help inject the right strategy, new ideas and clear direction into your business.

I coach and mentor in a way that engages and enthuses. When you hire me, you get Kieran, an experienced sales expert and business specialist, not some faceless general business consultancy. I offer a range of sales training and business consultancy packages.

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