Ask An Expert - New Product To Market Help and Sales Advice

Ask An Expert - New Product To Market Help and Sales Advice

17 Nov 2018

Product Sales Expert

As a Product Sales Expert I specialise in advising start up and established businesses across the UK to grow their product or service offering. I share my experience and knowledge, to help in a wide range of services from helping to build a product strategy to market to increasing product and business growth in different market sectors.
I can help and advise on taking your product or service to market, pricing, finding the right customer base, growing your brand and improving your sales - Fast.

"Kieran knows the tools and techniques to accelerate your business sales and strategy, how to get you in front of your ideal clients, and how to get you landing BIG orders."

I can help build your product to market strategy and give sales and marketing guidance on...

Launching a product in the UK.
How to Increase Sales and Customers
Product strategy
Understand and reaching buyers
Brand advice
Licencing a product or getting a licencing deal
Retail, trade or wholesale pricing
How to get your business started
Selling online, SEO and website content advice
Help with sales, and social media marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook.
How to sell, where to sell
Finding the right sales agents
Business plans and marketing

Having a great product or service is one thing. Getting it in front of the right buyer, consumer and into shops, and selling well is another matter. I can help you with all of this and more. Please view my pricing page to see how I offer my services and how affordable my Product Sales Expert advice is.

Kieran Perry is a small business startup and business advisor helping clients across the UK, to start, grow or develop their business in many sectors including retail, manufacturing and IT.