Free PR and Advertising

27 Nov 2018

How to get the most from PR and advertising. It is something I am often asked so here are a few tips that might help with your planning for next year. How to plan effective marketing • Plan your campaign like a boxer plans a fight. Don’t expect the first punch to deliver the knock-out blow. Develop your campaign over several rounds and build to the right result.

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Ask An Expert - New Product To Market Help and Sales Advice

17 Nov 2018

As a Product Sales Expert I specialise in advising start up and established businesses across the UK to grow their product or service offering. I share my experience and knowledge, to help in a wide range of services from helping to build a product strategy to market to increasing product and business growth in different market sectors.

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Why Hire a Business Mentor

05 Nov 2018

Why Hire a Sales or Business Expert? If you run a business, there are a number of reasons why you may consider hiring a sales expert. Maybe you've identified the areas in which you'd like to improve,

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