Sales and Business Coaching for The North West, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Crewe - How to create a Networking Strategy

Sales and Business Coaching for The North West, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Crewe - How to create a Networking Strategy

10 Sep 2018

My Top tips of how to work out your New Networking Strategy.


Good networking online or at weekly events is not all about hard selling yourself or your business once. Just turning up to an event or commenting on an online blog once isn't going to do much, you need to be committed, and you need some sort of plan or strategy...

If it isn't selling what is networking then, in my opinion it is an opportunity to grow relationships with other like minded people who attend events or comment online. Your aim should be to raise your profile in the area of expertise that you have and, in doing so, attract people towards you to learn more about what you do with a view of using your products or services or understanding how best to refer you.

Any networking is a great way to generate business but it is not a quick fix, but more a slow burn with good results - plus running your own business can be lonely place so interacting with other is a good way to break out of your routine and maybe learn a few new tricks.

So let me share with you some of the things you should consider to make the most of your new networking activities....


Get Prepared.

Don't just arrive at a networking event without having prepared, so if your not ready don't go until you are. When you are asked about your business or yourself have a good well prepared "elevator pitch" a short concise who you are, what you do and offer and how you can help.

Set Goals.

Have clear objectives you want achieve from the events or online forums - but be prepared to be open minded when conversations start. You could have a gone to meet a new friend, offer advice or get advice on how to.

Know Your Target Market.

This is not the easiest thing to do, and my experience with clients when working with them this can be the biggest barrier to generating referrals for their business. If you can clearly define and let people know who you are ideally looking for, then it will be easier for them to identify someone as a potential customer.

Provide Support and Help To Others.

"Pay It Forward" seems to be the theme everyone is talking about, if you are able to provide help and support to other people in your network, you will raise your profile BUT beware some people can be takers and if the favours are not returned you must at some point ask for them to help you too.

Be the Expert In What You Do.

You have expertise and skills relevant to the business you are in. Share this expertise with the people you meet. In doing so you are raising your profile and creating yourself as the go-to expert in your particular sector. You may think that you are giving away what you may see as your intellectual property is self-defeating in terms of generating business but it is in my experience the opposite. You will distinguish yourself from the competition, and you will be the first person that someone turns to when they need help in that field or know someone else who does.

What Else Can I Do To Network Everyday.

Identify those people that maybe a great contribution to your business and arrange a 1-2-1 meeting or lunch to ask advice and build a better business relationship with the aim to help each other with ideas and networking referrals.

Follow Up.

This may seem obvious, but again it is something I see all the time, don't promise to do something unless you can and if you do  promise to do something DO IT..., ie  send a referral, reply to an email with your details, not passing on someone's details etc - this can have a negative effect on your networking relationships and trustworthiness.

If you do adopt some of my top tips for successful networking, you can be confident that you will get the most out of your networking activity and generate more referrals for your business.


And don't forget to enjoy it.. its your business or career your promoting.  Please contact me for more advice or read more free help on My Blog.


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