Sales Expert and Business Coaching in Cheshire

Sales Expert and Business Coaching in Cheshire

16 Jul 2018

As a professional Sales Mentor, and Business Coach I offer sound and practical advice and solutions on a range of problems and issues that your business might be facing including, sales growth, staff management and personal development, product and sales strategy, profit growth, launching and marketing of a new product or service, improving and managing sales teams, negotiating with buyers, and improving your customer experience plus much more. I now share my knowledge and experience helping guide your business to success with creative, practical and cost effective solutions.

"Kieran put a plan in place to help us grow our business - it was practical and affordable"


Below is a small list of topics of how I can work with you to share my knowledge and experience to help guide your business onto greater sales growth or read more on my main Small Business Coaching Services

  • Sales training and workshops and personal sales development
  • Liaising with your key customers
  • Negotiating sales contracts
  • Improving customer communication skills
  • Cold calling and selling to new businesses
  • How to achieve face to face meetings
  • How to get sales or grow sales profitably
  • Sales coaching and mentoring
  • Managing and developing your sales team
  • Finding and working with Sales Agents
  • One to one sales guidance and advice
  • Team effectiveness and development  
  • Coaching and mentoring for all levels of management 
  • Career coaching
  • Specialist family business coaching advice
  • Director or business owner coaching
  • Negotiation or problem solving


Kieran Perry - Small Business Startup Advisor and  Sales Expert