How to keep Customer Loyality

How to keep Customer Loyality

19 May 2018

What Is Customer Loyalty 

Customers are hard to get - and there is also a limited number of them. But sometimes you wouldn't think so. Some companies treat their customers as if they are an infinite free resource. You're bound to get a certain amount of natural wastage, or one of your competitors proving more persuasive. As a supplier, the utmost effort should be spent at nurturing and developing your existing customer base. whilst always looking for new buyers or outlets for your products or services.

But how I hear you ask - you need a plan and you need to have your offering ready before you go to market. Let me help you. Kieran Perry is a small business coach for small businesses.

The two fundamentals for existing customers are good service and establishing two-way communication. Good service means more than just fulfilling an order satisfactorily, although that is important enough and a common failure, but it does make a good example to analyse.

How To Evaluate Your Customer Service Levels

Evaluate Service Levels. Firstly, I would recommend you contact a representative sample of your customers, explain they have been chosen to check on service levels and ask if they would mind helping. Contact them via phone, instead of email - build up that rapport. Ensure that always the same person contacts a customer. It's important the customer knows whoever makes the call by their first name.

The dedicated customer service person should introduce themselves by letter as well, including a photograph. Your aim is to have the customer see your company as a name and a face. Ask the customer if they would mind a couple of phone calls after their appointment to check they are happy with the service they received.

Carrying out this exercise will also of course keep you informed of just how good your service levels and after-care are.

Kieran Perry - business advisor