Principles to get the best from your sales team

Principles to get the best from your sales team

14 Jan 2018

How To Get The Best From Your Sales Team

If your sales team is not achieving the results you would like them to, productivity problems may be to blame. More specifically, they may not have the tools they need to work productively every day.

Empower Your Team With The Right Tools.

Do they have a clear Sales Strategy from you,  have you given your sales team a clear focus.

  • Who to sell to and which sectors.
  • Which products to focus on.
  • A clear territory or size of customer to focus on.
  • Who your existing customers are.
  • What price you wish to sell at or can offer.
  • All your company's "USP" - what makes your business different to your competitors.
  • Have they had enough product training.
  • Do your sales team know how to take an order and give it to your business - sounds simple but may companies i work with tell me their sales people their own thing!
  • What ever size your business, make sure your sales person knows who does what when they need help internally.


How To Provide Coaching And Training

Some of your salespeople may be struggling to sell simply because they do not understand how to execute the sales process successfully. They may also lack the product knowledge necessary to confidently sell your products.

Fortunately, you can often resolve these issues with a bit of tailored training and coaching. Contact me for a bespoke sale advice and training.


Improve Your Sales Hiring Process

Some salespeople simply do not have the potential to sell at a high level. If you feel like that describes many of the salespeople on your team, it may be time for you to improve your hiring process so you can bring in stronger candidates moving forward. Here are a few sales hiring tips to help you get started:

Pre-screen all candidates over the phone. That way, you can weed out poor candidates early in the hiring process and ensure that all of your in-person interview time is well-spent.

Use a sales personality test to identify talent. A sales personality test will help identify salespeople who have the potential to achieve top sales results. Y This will help you take the guesswork out of hiring and feel more confident in moving qualified candidates forward in the hiring process.

Hire for talent over experience. Keep in mind that a salesperson with many years of experience is not necessarily a greater asset to your business that a salesperson who is inexperienced. Prioritize hiring naturally talented salespeople who are a good fit for your company culture – you can always catch them up on industry knowledge and anything else they may not know due to a lack of experience.

Start implementing the tips here and you should be well equipped to boost your sales team’s performance and company revenue.  – you will see better results in time if you approach the situation correctly.

Sales Coaching For Success 

Kieran Perry is a top business consultant and sales mentor offering business coaching and sales training to individuals and companies across the UK.

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Your Aim is always to ensure.

  1. Low employee turnover – People do not quit because they love their job and are committed to the company.
  2. Gossip is unacceptable – Open, honest communication is encouraged, while gossip and office politics are not tolerated.
  3. A sense of teamwork – Your team works well together toward a common goal of helping the company grow and succeed.
  4. Great leadership – Leaders motivate the team and set a great example.
  5. Change is welcomed – Everyone understands that change is sometimes necessary for growth, and they are receptive to it.

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