8 ways to Increase Your Sales

8 ways to Increase Your Sales

18 Nov 2017

How To Increase Sales 

  1. Think about your product as a verb.

Suppose your company makes glue. If you think that you sell glue (a noun), you'll talk about features and functions. If you think you sell gluing (a verb), you'll talk about the role your product plays in your customers' business. You'll sell more as a result.

  1. Only pursue prequalified leads.

Contacting more potential customers usually doesn't create proportionately more sales, because you spend time with people who aren't likely to buy. Instead, use google to research pre qualify opportunities, starting with existing customers and  who have bought in the past, know what they have purchased and at what price, and what your current offering is before your contact them, know your factors - do your research before you call!

  1. Never waste a customer's time or your own.

Its best to decide from the start that you're absolutely not going to sell anything that the customer doesn't really need. Rather than doggedly trying to sell, find out quickly if there's a match. If not, terminate the conversation and move on to the next.

  1. Listen more than you talk.

When speaking with a customer, don't give a pitch about what your product can do. Instead, have a conversation about what the customer needs. Ask lots of questions so that your build a quick relationship and try and discover when and what they need (and if) you can work together.

  1. Cut your paperwork.

Everyone needs to do admin, emails and paperwork when trying to sell and even once you have made that sale,but just make sure you do your paperwork right first time, so you can spend more time infront or working with customers.


  1. Reduce your "sales reaction" time.

The shorter your sales cycle, the more you can sell during any given promotion.. While customers buy at their own pace, make certain that your have covered all bases and do all you can do to remove problems and clear the path for the customer to order - think ahead, does the customer have credit, do they need an account, are they going to order products or services we have available, handle all the customer's questions or needs immediately (or sooner). It will be worth it.

  1. Increase your average order size.

By adding extras to an order, or doing a deal once the main order has been placed will help you quickly grow your order book and get you to your sales target quicker. If your already selling to a customer they are the easiest opportunity you and your company will have to sell to again or to up sell  - treat your customers like gold.  


  1. Keep your order pipeline flowing.

When you've got plenty of customers, and orders, it's easy to stop developing future opportunities. However, if you don't lay the groundwork down now when your busy, you could end up down next quarter. Spend time every day on upfront work or finding new work or sales. You'll be glad you did.

Doing something everyday is so much easier than doing loads in one day.

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