"Humanise" Your Online  Business

"Humanise" Your Online Business

27 Jun 2017

The process of mutual help and information swapping, plus giving your company a human name and face, will cement a bond between you and the customer. It will also mean that in future if something does go wrong, they have a known contact point with whom a personal relationship has been formed. It's easy to be angry with a faceless voice. It's difficult to be hostile to a known face and name.

There are of course other ways you can put a human face on your business. A newsletter is simple - photographs and biographies of staff; reports on customer successes; news of new lines. Send it as email and its cost will be negligible - its benefits priceless. If you don't have time to do it yourself, bring in outside help to do it for you.


To sum up, your aims should be:

  1. Give your company a human face.
  2. Build one-to-one customer/company relationships.
  3. Make repetitive checks on service levels.
  4. Build multiple channels of reciprocal communication.
  5. Make sure your back office staff realise that everybody's wages are paid by the customer.
  6. Make sure all staff are aware of their responsibility for the company's reputation.

Kieran Perry - Product Sales Expert