Top Sales Training Tips from UK Sales Expert

Top Sales Training Tips from UK Sales Expert

21 Jan 2017

Sales can be hard and a tough nut to crack — some people seem to get it, while others always lag behind, struggling to keep their numbers up. And teaching it to a newbie? It can feel practically impossible. Worn-out cliches and advice about sizing up the situation, or looking for new opener don't always get you very far.

"That's why I can offer you a bespoke training session for one sales person or for your total sales team."

So here's 3 of my best pieces of advice about designing that killer sales training initiative: 

Training Sales Reps

People (and especially salespeople) have a known tendency to see and hear what they want to, not what's really there. That's called "selective attention."  retraining this is a real and important thing to consider during sales training. 

Does Sales Coaching Work? Yes.

What do concert pianists, Olympic sprinters, and Broadway actors all have in common? Besides loads of talent, I mean Coaches. Even people who are at the top of their game benefit from having someone they trust give them some pointers, or just keep them on the right track. Salespeople can have a tendency to think they don't need any help, but even just planning a sales call with a trainer or coach can go a long way. 

Design Sales Training the Right Way

You can have sales training delivered in many ways, but the key is to understand what the end goal is. I work back from the end goal and plan and design what works for each company.

Beware many companies offering out-of-the-box sales training programs. (Everyone's unique, everyone's special.) as there is not one sales training program that can cover every company's training plans.

Kieran Perry - Product Sales Expert