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You may be contemplating setting up a business from scratch, or it may be you are reading this because you are thinking of launching a new product within your existing business and need advice to do this in a Retail Recession.
As a qualified business coach I wrote this downloadable e-book to help new and existing clients develop their business in practical ways. I have based this book on my experiences gained over many years in sales and marketing, in which I helped promote Products & Services to all sizes and styles of businesses across many different market sectors in the UK, ranging from consumer goods to waste management, textiles, food automotive and food & drink.
This 30 page e-book will help you structure, develop and streamline your business, plus give you advice on increasing sales from your existing ranges or by gaining ideas for new lines. For a one off payment of £24.95 you will be emailed a copy of this e-book for you to keep and refer to as often as you wish (my ebook is only available on this website. It has been written over many years and is exclusively owned and updated by myself).

I have listed the basic contents of my e-book "How to Develop a new and established business with practical advice on setting up and launching new Brands and Products in the UK" below, which you can purchase by clicking on my secure PayPal link, once your payment has been received a copy of my electronic book will be sent to you via email, in an easy to view and printable format.
Buy my e-book now for a one off payment of £24.95
My e-book contents
  • Introduction
  • Where Do You Want to Go?
  • Don't Become a Failure Statistic
  • Decide On Your Business Model
  • Premises
  • Shift the Risk
  • The Business Plan
  • Annual Key Objectives Plan Form
  • Cash Flow
  • Get to Grips With the Cash Flow
  • Sales and Marketing
  • A Cautionary Tale 1
  • A Cautionary Tale 2
  • The Product
  • Your Product in a Customer's Hands
  • Selling to the Retailer
  • Retailer's Resistance to New Products
  • Selling Yourself
  • The Role of the Specialist Sales Agent
  • Trade Fairs and Other Methods
  • Test Marketing and the Price
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Using the Internet
  • Back to the Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Customers are Hard to Get
  • Ideas for New Products
  • Protecting Your Brand
  • The Conclusion summary.
Buy my e-book now for a one off payment of £24.95
If you are interested in what I can do for you and your business, then please have a look at my other pages in this website, as I go into more detail about the ranges of services I offer. Please contact me through my contact page or alternatively email me direct at or ring me on 07563 965 175.
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